Southern Power, Inc. now has a New owner
2019 Betty McCary is the current owner of Southern Power, Inc.
We are now Woman Owned and Operated
We are now a woman owned business. We have been woman operated since 2004.
Even though we are a very small business, we have over 33 years combined experience. With Betty, being our President and owner, Kristina, being our Office Manager, this small business has knowledge like no other. Being women in this industrial world we work harder to prove ourselves. We are driven to know more and find anything our customers are looking for.
  • Where can industrial brakes be used?


    We sell industrial brakes for many applications. Some are;

    • Cranes
    • Conveyors
    • Elevators
    • Tire Press
    • Ships
    • Robots
    • Mill Machines
    • Oil Rigs
    • and many more

    We can help you will your Stop-Start-Control applications.

  • Ogura Clutches and Brakes

    Ogura offers clutches and brakes for applications requiring .01″oz. to 25,000 lb. ft. of torque. There are approximately 3,000 different clutch models available. Besides an extensive standard product line Ogura also has the flexibility to handle special designs or modifications for customers.

    Founded in 1938, Ogura is the world’s largest manufacturer of electromagnetic clutches and brakes. Current production capacity is over 30 million per year. Ogura is known for high quality products and continuous innovation. They are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and IATF 16949:2016. With over 3,000 models in production, Ogura is sure to meet your specific product needs.

    Let us help you with your Ogura clutch or brake needs today.

  • Nexen Horton

    As a leading manufacturer of precision motion control components, power transmission and web tension control products, Nexen works to remain at the forefront of cutting edge engineering and production excellence.

    Then Nexen production capabilities include computerized control and testing systems, dry cutting applications, special coating processes, over 80 multi-axis precision CNC machine tools and automated assembly. Committed to continual improvement processes, the company’s quality management system meets the standards and rigors of ISO 9001:2015. Nexen works in accordance with the tenants of these internationally recognized groups – CE, REACH and RoHS.

    By working with Nexen, our customers experience innovations that adhere to industry specifications, optimize their metrics and provide solutions focused on increased uptime, longer machine life and reduced maintenance.

    Nexen products touch industries where applications improve lives, maximize equipment performance, improve efficiencies, minimize waste, reduce costs and enhance the environment. These industries include, aerospace, robotics, medical machine tool, automotive, factory automation, packaging and material handling.

    • Precision Linear Motion

    Nexen’s Precision Linear Motion technology is a combination of very high precision linear drive systems, compact harmonic gearheads, and high force brakes located at the drive motor or the linear guide system. Nexen’s Roller Pinion System (RPS), Harmonic Gearhead (HG), and Eclipse Servo Brake (SBP) can be combined to form a complete, very high precision, zero backlash drive and brake system. With roots in the clutch and brake industry, Nexen provides nearly unlimited options to hold or emergency stop loads in linear applications with Rail Brakes (RB), Rod Locks (RLSS), and Ball Screw Brakes (BSB) added to the product lineup.

    • Precision Rotary Motion

    Nexen’s Precision Rotary Motion technology is a combination of very high precision rotary drive systems, high torque rotary brakes, and mechanical torque limiters, all delivering zero backlash. Nexen’s Roller Pinion Gears and Gear Segments (RPG) and fully integrated Precision Ring Drive Systems (CRD and PRD) drive rotary motion with very high precision and zero backlash. Nexen Servo Brakes (SBP) and Indexer Brakes (I*300) provide spring engaged, air released, zero backlash holding and emergency stopping in rotary applications. The zero backlash Mechanical Torque Limiters (MTL) reduce machine downtime caused by torque overloads.

    • Power Transmission

    Power transmission requires torque and Nexen products provide torque in a wide variety of clutches, brakes, torque limiters and coupling products. Nexen air actuated products are more efficient and economical than electrically actuated products of the same size. Air, unlike electricity, does not generate heat during engagement. Less heat allows greater torque transmission and efficiency. Nexen’s simple designs are easy to use and maintain. When properly applied these products have a long service life making the cost of ownership much less than competitive products.

    • Tension Control Systems

    Web control systems include tension control and web guide systems for the web industry


  • Lawn and Garden Belts

    LIGHTNING V-belts are created with an outer rubber impregnated fabric cover that is extremely tough, wear resistant and crack resistant. The lowered coefficient outer cover shows extreme resistance to belt turnover or roll- excellent for misaligned drives and if belt is used as a clutch.

    •  Flexible design, but very stable on long drives or misaligned drives
    •  Conforms to ARPM standard IP-23
    •  To be used with pulleys made to ARPM standards IP-23 or IP-20
    •  Made to exceed OEM specifications
    •  Very resistant to severe and repeated shock loads, and works well on “quarter turn” and “mule” drives
    •  Great for Lawn & Garden equipment of all types, Ag Equipment and all types of inductrial drives, especially where misalignment clutching or backside idlers are present

    Available in popular widths 3/8”, 1/2”, and

    5/8” and in the following lenghts:

    • 3/8” from 24” to 50”

    • 1/2” from 20” to 156”

    • 5/8” from 33” to 164”

    • many popular half sizes are available

    All we need is the manufacture, type, and model. If you have the part# that is even better. We are happy to take walk ins, just bring your belt and we will measure and get you the right belt for you needs.


  • KEB

    The KEB America team has a broad view of the various sectors of mechanical engineering and automation, giving them accurate insight into the needs and trends of the market.

    The American market strategy is built upon bringing KEB’s powerful and versatile products to a host of niche markets. Rather than focusing on a single product line, KEB America will supply a vertical market with a complete KEB solution.

    KEB America began inverter assembly in 2003. Local production allows for short production and shipping lead times. Customers in this market benefit from the F5 line of drives – high overloads, an integrated brake transistor, safety features, and control options – as well as the R6 regenerative drives. Harmonic filters designed specifically for 60Hz mains are also popular and allow customers to meet IEEE519 requirements.

    Many KEB control and automation products work well in theatre machinery, amusement parks, entertainment venues, and other mechanized structures. Stadiums with retractable roofs, such as the University of Phoenix Stadium – home field of the NFL Cardinals – and the Lucas Oil Stadium – home of the NFL Colts – use KEB brakes in the roof operation. KEB F5 drives are used to synchronize the fire-breathing dragon Maleficent the Disneyland show Fantasmic. Backstage, KEB gearmotors are used on a variety of applications where their quiet operation and configuration options are beneficial.

    KEB America also has a focus on the plastics machinery market. The kinds of machines used in plastics-related applications can vary widely in size and power, so there are many KEB drives that can be used. Typical applications include injection molding machines, extruders, blow molding or film, upstream and downstream conveying, robotic handling, granulators, winders, and unwinders.

    Another market KEB America heavily focuses on is medical applications. Hospital beds, surgical tables, imaging machines, surgical robots – all require precise movements and accurate positioning. KEB P1 brakes provide backlash-free power-off braking. Customers trust KEB products in the most critical and demanding applications.

    Southern Power has been working with KEB for many years. If we don’t know the solution we will work directly with KEB to find the solution for your needs.

  • Shinko Brakes and Clutches

    Non-excitation Brakes

    Excitation Clutches/ Brakes

    Non-excitation Clutch

    Torque Control Clutches/ Brakes

  • Niika

    Niika brakes are used in most industries such as general industrial machines, paper converting, material handing and many others for factory automation, labor saving, high productivity, environmental safety, less maintenance, energy saving and etc.

    Safety chucks (both foot and flange mounted / Metric and English)

    •Air Brakes
    •Air Clutches
    •Disc Brakes
    •Powder Brakes
    •Powder Clutches
    •Tension Control Systems
    •Edge Guide Controllers
    •Chucks, Shafts and Differential Rings.

    Niika is a market leader in safety chucks.  They have manufactured over 10,000 sets in the last 5 years alone.
    Most common brakes are the DBG Series, DBH Series, DSH Pneumatic Applied Spring Released, DBF, DBZ Mini Caliper Series, DBM/DBY, and Air Hydraulic Boosters.

    There are many types of clutches, such as, NAC, FCD, MCS,  FBH, MBF, FMR, FMT, FMX, MMP, TMP, SMP, ect.

    And of course we sell many of the accessories that you could need. Such as friction pads, diaphrams, and thrusters.



  • Binder

    Permanent magnet brakes – high power density and high dynamics

    The typical operating principles of permanent magnet and spring-applied brakes and their typical friction pairs – steel on steel for permanent magnet brakes versus organic friction linings on steel for spring-applied brakes – result in defined key features and typical fields of application of the two brake types.

    Permanent-magnet brakes are ideal for servo motors used on handling equipment and robots, for example. Their compact dimensions and relatively low weight make them the perfect solution for these applications. Owing to the use of permanent magnets, their power density is twice the density of spring-applied brakes. In addition to their low weight and minimal abrasion, dynamic permanent magnet brakes offer additional benefits that make them the number one choice in robotics. The abrasion resistance of permanent magnet brakes is the result of their typical operating principle. The armature is entirely released by the spring.

    In spring-applied brakes, wear occurs during starting because the speed increase requires an air buffer to be created between the friction lining and the friction surfaces. Additional wear may occur if the friction disc accelerates as a result of gravitational acceleration in vertical drive arrangements or as a result of centrifugal forces during rotation of the rotor blades of wind turbines, for example. However, this kind of wear usually affects only one friction lining. When used as a mere holding brake with emergency stop function, the behavior of permanent magnet brakes is different compared to spring-applied brakes. Owing to its specific design, the permanent magnet brake has zero residual torque. Abrasion only occurs during emergency stops. During operation, the armature is completely released by the spring. By contrast, the spring-applied brake requires a starting torque, which produces a certain amount of wear at each start. As already mentioned, additional wear occurs as a result of acceleration forces. In many cases, this additional wear cannot be determined accurately because, in general, only one side of the friction disc is affected.

    Permanent magnet and spring-applied brakes also differ in terms of their behavior across a specific temperature range. Permanent magnet brakes have excellent temperature stability and provide a constantly high torque across the entire temperature range. The situation is different with spring-applied brakes. Their temperature stability is decisively determined by the composition of the organic friction lining. In a way, this can be compared to the different types of car tires developed for different applications. Similarly to a Formula 1 tire which cannot be used in winter, some organic friction linings of brakes are simply not suitable for certain applications. Friction linings with a high coefficient of friction are characterized by good adhesion. The torques that can be achieved are high, but the friction linings are subject to early wear. As far as the friction linings in spring-applied brakes are concerned, this means that linings with high coefficients of friction show faster torque reduction over the entire temperature range. In some cases the torque may drop to 50% at 120°C or -40°C. In general, it can be said that spring-applied brakes either reach excellent torques at the expense of their temperature stability or that their friction linings have excellent temperature stability at the expense of their coefficient of friction. However, it is worth noting that based on a given temperature range the torque of spring-applied brakes can be accurately rated for the customer-specified torque during the design process.


    The smallest permanent magnet brake in the world

    …at 14 mm, its diameter is smaller than that of a one cent coin and it can fit into the smallest electro motors.

    mini brake Kendrion

  • Why do our customers keep returning?

    Betty and Kristina give that personal touch to every quote and order. Taking time to make sure everything is correct for you and your company. Every customer is unique and not just a number. Even if you request is I need this part, but change this and that. We will take the time to check and double check and make sure you get the correct part the first time. We talk to you to see what your application is and how our units will work best for you. If we don’t know the answer we will research until we do.

  • Continental Electric Motors

    Continental Electric Motors is one of the oldest manufacturers of industrial electric motors in the world. Since 1921, Continental has been trusted by thousands of companies, on virtually every continent , to design and manufacture electric motors that drive their most critical applications. Motors are hand-built for each individual customer’s requirements and application. At Continental, motors are made to meet the job.

    Trust in Continental’s service and quality the way thousands of customer’s have since 1921.

    What sets Continental apart from the rest?

    Ratings from 100HP through 10,000HP

    Fabricated copper bar rotors for cooler running and longer life on above NEMA frames

    Hollow shafts available for all vertical frames

    A wide range of Div 1 & 2 explosion proof product is available

    Voltage availability from 208V to 13.8KV

    Capable of customizing mounting dimensions to match existing base dimensions and shaft heights