Electroid NEMA Brakes

Clutch Couplings
Foot Mounted Clutch/Brake Modules
Double "C" Face Clutch/Brakes
Shaft Mounted Clutch/Brakes
Torque range - 1 lb-in thru 1800 lb-in
Spring Set Brakes (Torque ranges 1 lb-in thru 1,000 lb-in)
Spring Set Brakes with Torque Adjustment and Manual Release Levers
Permanent mahnet Brakes (Torque range 10 lb-in thru 1,000 lb-in)
EP Series Magnetic Particle Clutches, Brakes and Clutch/Brakes - Max. torques from 2 lb-in to 200 lb-in
TS Series "Slip Mode" Clutches, Clutch Couplings, Brakes and Clutch/Brakes - Max. torques from 0.5 lb-in to 150 lb-in
Pneumatic Clutches and Brakes - Max torques from 150 lb-in to 2500 lb-in
Pulse operated devices that do not require current to the coil to maintain either the "ON", or "OFF" position. US Patent Number 5,185,542
Electroid is the leader in the concept, design and manufacturing of clutches and brakes for the Aerospace Industry. Our products are in every Aerospace platform from the F-22 to the Space Shuttle
1/2 thru 10 HP
Long life - up to 20 times longer than traditional AC Brake Motors
Accurate position control
Operates vertically or horizontally without any changes
5 ms Power Off response time
6 lb-ft through 65 lb-ft
NEMA 56 thru 215 frame sizes
Manual Release Levers
220, 440, and 575 VAC, 3 phase
True disc type with AC flat solenoid
Compact size
6 lb-ft to 70 lb-ft
NEMA 56 thru 215 frame sizes
Manual Release Levers
115-208/230 VAC, single phase
Fast response times
Adjustable torque
NEMA 23, 34 and 42
IP-65 (splash & dust proof)
Zero backlash
High speed, high torque
Very low inertia
Fast response times
Actual tension measured in REAL TIME
Strain gauge accuracy of +/- 1%
Wire break and tension high/low alarms
Digital, microprocessor-based centralized controller
High speed tension monitoring with automatic fault detection
Three Tensioner and Controller models available
Three models will accommodate a wire range from 22 to 48 AWG
Permanent Magnet/Hysteresis to guarantee repeatability
Lightweight and easy to use
Wire breakage/or depleted detection capability
Simple threading mechanism
Increase and decrease tension "on-the-fly"
Easily mounted to Customer equipment
Two models will accommodate a wire range from 32 to 52 AWG
Electronic Dancer Arm Position Sensors & Controls
Electronic Strain Gauge Sensor and Controls
Used in conjunction with our "Slip-type" Clutches and Brakes
All solid state - no relays or contactors to fail
Reliable operation - 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year
Flexible, versatile control interface
PLC compatible
Overload protection
DIN rail mounting
Custom Designs

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