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With the adage "as much as necessary", provides graduated features creating an optimum solution for each application. Universal functionality, identical handling, and common tools serve to reduce the work which is necessary for installatino, start-up and service regardless which type of unit is ultimately used.

F5-Vector systems

F5-Vector Systems

To an increasing degree closed-loop drives are providing solutions on more machines and in factory based automation systems than in the recent past. Low maintenance induction (vector) motors and AC brushless servo motors have defined a new standard of quality. With the COMBIVERT F5M Series AC motor control, both solutions are available to you in one package, based on identical hardware and software.

Generation F4/S4
F4-C Logo
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Generation F4/S4

A frequency inverter which has the software and hardware to meet the demands of most basic applications but yet remains easy to set up. Ideal for general speed control of conveyors, pumps, fans, handling systems. Has high dynamic capabilities for general start stop control.

A full function frequency inverter designed with versatility in mind. Many special software functions and hardware options suit this inverter for any open or closed loop speed control application.



KEB COMBILINE...the choke and filter program for EMC-conform installation..

Electrical noise generated by PWM drivers may need to be reduced depending on local legal limits and machine operation. Both indiviudal and panel EMC filters are available.



An effective application of KEB Power transmission systems is supported by various software packages for operation, commissioning, trouble shooting, implementation in serial communication to the control level.




KEB COMBISTOP 1... 1.500Nm the double-disc spring set brake with patented system for adjustment and readjustment of the air gap. Asbestos-free friction linings with steel inserts give maximum reliability and protection even under extreme loading.

With the special armature/magnet geometry high wear resistance is achieved.

Apart from an extensive standard program customized solutions are designed.



KEB COMBIPERM 3.5 ... 1.275 in lbs the permanent magnet-excited brake for zero backlash holding of positions and permanent magnet clutches for the connection of machine parts. High torques in a small size are achieved with high-grade and temperature-stable SmCo- or NeFeB-magnets. Residual torque-free separation, large release ranges and large max. air gaps are important advantages for the user.



KEB COMBINORM 1/3 ... 1.465 lb ft comprises energize to engage electro-magnetic clutches and brakes which are designed as single disc elements with asbestos-free friction linings for zero backlash transmission.

Fast switching times, CSA-approved and no residual torque are further characteristics of this series.



KEB COMBIBOX 5 ... 180 lb ft is a versatile, ready to install clutch brake module series for start/stop operation.

Design features:

21 design configurations with NEMA or FEC dimensions, totally enclosed housing patented wear adjustment, zero backlash and a single working armature for no overlap.


Inline Helical Gears

Inline Helical Gears

KEB COMBIGEAR G and ZG Inline helical geared motors 1/6 ... 60 Hp available in 2- and 3-stage reduction, torque range up to 87,850 in lbs, and output speeds down to 1.5 rpm.

Designed with lifetime lubrication and low backlash to ensure a long operating life.

Available with NEMA, IC, and KEB servo input configurations.

Complete accesory line: clutch/brake modules, spring set brakes, encoders, and blower fans

Helical Bevel Gears

Helical Bevel Gears

KEB COMBIGEAR  K Helical bevel geared motors 1/6 ... 40 Hp are a powerful solution for applications that demand the highest efficiency from right angle drives.

Available in both shaft-out and hollow bore output configurations.Torque range up to 37,000 in lbs.

Parallel Offset Gear

Parallel Offset Gears

KEB COMBIGEAR  F Shaftmounted helical geared motors  1/6 ... 40 Hp

Because of their space-saving construction and simple slide on fitting they provide an ideal connection to the machine and represent a robust, durable drive.

Torques up to 26,000 in lbs and minimum output speeds as low as 1/6 rpm cover a multitude of application areas and requirements.

Helical Worm Gears

Helical Work Gears

KEB COMBIGEAR  S Helical worm geared motors  1/6 Hp ... 15 Hp offer an economic, high efficiency solution for right angle applications.

Lifetime lubrication, universal mounting construction and variations featuring shaft, hollow shaft and flange provide the ideal suitability and flexible for a wide range of applications.

Planetary Gears

Planetary Gears

KEB COMBIGEAR  LP / SP for low backlash, high efficiency gearingin the range of 45 Š 13,180 in lbs.

The advantages of the planeary gearbox

  • high rigidity
  • low backlash
  • efficiency > 95 %
  • thermal expansion compensation
  • compact design

become effective particularly with regard to the speed adjustment of servomotors in dynamic applications. The mechanical connection to the motorutilizes a clamping connection, eliminating shaft and key wear.

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