The quality and performance level of KEB solutions are reflected in our customers’ machines and installations every day. They provide motion. The aim is always to find the optimum drive and control technical solution tailored to suit your demands. Confidence is not just given away, it is the result of work, ambition and reliability – they are passionate about “Made in Germany”.

Magnet Technology

    Spring Applied Brakes
  • Spring Applied Brakes

    COMBISTOP are two-disc spring-set brakes operating by a closed current principle for dry-running, with spring-operated braking force, lifted by electromagnetic force. The spring force brakes, tried and tested millions of times, can be used wherever braking is required for rotating masses or where shafts need to be held securely in the end position.

    High material quality, processing accuracy ensured by the latest machines and thorough manufacturing and functional controls guarantee reliability and safety.


  • Permanent Magnet Clutches and Brakes
  • Permanent Magnet Clutches and Brakes

    COMBIPERM Permanent magnet clutches and brakes

    The principle of permanent magnetic clutches and brakes utilises the power of permanent magnets.

    COMBIPERM P1 / COMBIPERM PC are electromagnetic releasing brakes and clutches for dry-running, with the force flow produced by permanent magnets. The mode of action enables connection of shafts or secure braking of masses in voltageless state.

    Individual customer requirements in construction and calculations are catered for and adapted using COMBIPERM as a technical basis.


  • Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes
  • Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes


    COMBINORM offers a complete range of brakes, clutches and combinations as integral and add-on components for applications in machines, installations and equipment.

    COMBINORM B operating current-actuated brakes
    are the most economic solution for braking and stopping loads for flange- and shaft-mounted installation in machines and installations.

    COMBINORM C operating current-actuated clutches
    use the force flow concentrated on two pole faces of an electromagnet for non-positive connection of shafts and loads connected to these.

    As a positive structure with interlocked rotors and anchor parts, maximum torque is transmitted within a small assembly space.


  • Clutch-Brake-Modules
  • Clutch-Brake-Modules

    COMBIBOX Clutch/brake combinations

    COMBIBOX clutch/brake combinations are designed for joining, separating and holding rotating shafts.

    The units are constructed in compact aluminium housing and provide an autonomous bearing that can be used between motor and gearing or for direct output of a machine function.

    The patented adjustment procedure for tracking the airgap for wear adjustment without dismantling is unique. The flexible mounting in different versions makes it suitable for a range of applications.


  • Rectifiers and Switches
  • Rectifiers and Switches

    COMBITRON Rectifiers and Switches

    COMBITRON are supply and control modules for electromagnetic clutches and brakes.

    For power supplies, a range of half-wave and bridge rectifiers is available for DC or AC switches, as well as high-speed circuit-breakers in the COMBITRON 98 series.

    The rectifiers correspond to European Union low voltage guidelines 73/231/EWG.




    KEB Asynchronous DM / DA servo-motors

    KEB Asynchronous servo-motors are universal low-voltage motors for optimum efficiency, whether for operation directly from mains or in controlled or regulated operation with COMBIVERT Drive Controllers in the Motion Control application.

    The motors provide a cost-effective solution for challenging drive tasks, with control from speed 0 in field weakening.



    KEB Geared motors – the right solution in every way

    • What mechanical conditions are required for installation?
    • What forces and torque have to be absorbed and transferred on input and output?
    • What are the installation positions, operating time and external conditions?

    These are just some of the points to be considered in selecting the optimum gear motor.



    KEB Synchronous servo-motors series TA and DL


    KEB synchronous servo-motors are permanently-excited, electronically switched synchronous motors – Made in Germany – for applications with the highest requirements in quality and positioning accuracy, but also compact and low weight.



    Excellent efficiency levels are now increasingly making synchronous motors the first choice in applications involving long power-on times in continuous or multi-shift operation and energy consumption determines the major part of life-cycle costs.



    SERVOGEAR PP Planet servo-motors

    1- and 2-stage planet gears are available in 5 sizes with output torques in the range 5 to 460 Nm for transmission with low-torsional backlash in an axial direction. Transmission ratios are selectable within the range i=5 to i=40 depending on motor size.

    The mechanical connection to the motor is in the form of an easily mounted clamp link, for simple change-over of individual modules for servicing, designed for motor series DL3 and TA series motors.

    The choice of motor and gear configuration enables a complete system ready for installation to be made.



    Drive Controller COMBIVERT
  • Drive Controller COMBIVERT

    COMBIVERT S6 / F6 system generation

    The KEB S6/F6 generation incorporates new mechanical designs to meet comprehensive requirements in terms of function, communication and integrated safety.

  • Multi Axis Drives System COMBIVERT
  • Multi Axis Drives System COMBIVERT

    COMBIVERT H6 – Modular Drive System

    The KEB COMBIVERT H6 Multi-axis system is a DC intermediate circuit coupled drive controller system for the operation of synchronous and asynchronous machines.

    The wide performance range covered by the system and the multiple combination options enable flexible use of the H6 System in a broad spectrum of different applications up to 315A. The H6 system bus is EtherCAT.

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