The INTORQ brand stands for reliable brake solutions of the highest standard. Whether in cranes, wind turbines or lift systems – INTORQ products are used in the most diverse of applications. Rely on us to create the right solution for your drive – individually and reliably.
With its broad scope of different versions, the modular range of INTORQ products is used in many motors and geared motors and has set standards worldwide. With the establishment of facilities in Shanghai, Atlanta and Pune, we have also consistently expanded our international presence. So wherever you are in the world, our network of sales and service staff is always close at hand to support you.


  • BFK458

    The BFK458 spring-applied brake is a standard product that can be used anywhere, but its modular design means it can also be used for special applications. Its versatility is its strength.


    • Braking torque: 1,5-600 Nm
    • 9 sizes in CSA-CUS design
    • DC voltages: 24, 103, 180, 205 V
    • Thermal class F (155 °C)
    • Preset air gap
    • Braking torque can be reduced (module E)
    • Long rotor/hub guide with low rate of wear
    • Manual release facilities for all sizes
    • Air gap and wear monitoring (optional)


    Application areas:

    Brake motors, cranes, warehousing, wood working machines, industrial trucks, stage machinery, vehicles for the disabled and escalators

  • BFK458-L
  • BFK458-L

    INTORQ BFK458-L in materials handling technology

    In high-cycle applications, spring-applied brakes are subject to two kinds of stress. Due to the large number of load alternations, the service life of the brake is determined both by the mechanical components of the brake itself and the useful life of the rotor, which is based on friction energy. In particular, the rotor/hub connection, the springs and the sleeve bolts are subject to wear due to the number of load cycles. Based on the components mentioned, without additional measures the service life of spring-applied brakes is limited to 1×106 to 4×106 load cycles depending on the load.

  • BFK457
  • BFK457

    In many applications, all that is required of the brake is that it fulfils its basic function. For such situations the BFK457 is just the job. The fact that it can also be installed quickly using the integral fixing screws and fixed air gap makes this spring-applied brake even more attractive.


    • Braking torque: 0.12-125 Nm
    • 11 sizes
    • DC voltages: 24, 205 V
    • Thermal class F (155 °C)
    • Compact construction with rotor and flange
    • Integral fixing screws for quick and easy installation
    • Fixed air gap
    • Noise-reduced double spring-applied brake <50 dB(A)


    Application areas:

    Small motors, vehicles for the disabled, wood working machines, automation systems and general mechanical engineering

  • BFK468
  • BFK468

    High-performance drives are reaching ever greater motor speeds and levels of drive torque. Yet despite the increasing performance requirements, the space allocated for the accompanying brakes is getting smaller. The INTORQ spring-applied brake for the high-performance field is the BFK468. Thanks to its innovative multi-pole technology, it is released with high forces even with large air gaps.


    • Braking torques: 100–2400 Nm
    • Spring-applied brake with multi-coil system
    • Up to twice the braking torque of the BFK458
    • With fixed or adjustable braking torque
    • High magnetic forces through special control
    • Fast switching times thanks to low brake inductance
    • Long maintenance intervals thanks to large working air gap
    • Release or wear monitoring with microswitch


    Fields of application

    Brake motors, crane systems, port facilities, stage machinery, storage technology

  • BFK470
  • BFK470

    With the BFK470, the INTORQ product portfolio now offers a modular series of spring-applied brakes sealed by an IP66 enclosure. Our modular solutions are unique in the market, and they have been put to successful use for decades.

    This new series was developed for operating conditions that require a high level of ingress protection against dust and/or dampness. The BFK470 comes in 7 sizes from 2 – 370 Nm. As a self-contained system, it is predestined for use in wind turbines and cranes. This brake can also be used in extreme ambient temperatures.


    • 7 sizes with braking torques from 2 – 370 Nm
    • Enclosure complies with IP66, also available with hand-release
    • Mountable rotary traducer (optional)r
    • Can be used in temperatures up to minus 40° C (Cold Climate Version, CCV)
    • Inductive proximity sensor for function monitoring
    • Increased maximum torques and long life cycle through the refined mechanical structure
    • Corrosion protection: compatible with protection class C4 or C5
  • BFK471
  • BFK471

    Spring Applied brake BFK471-25
    The new high-performance braking system has been developed for use on cranes and port facilities. A new manual release has been designed specifically for this brake meeting the high requirements of the enclosure rating. The modular structure of the brake enables flexible use with single or dual rotor.


    • High braking torque and low space requirements
    • 1500 Nm in dual rotor design, 750 Nm with single rotor
    • Enclosure corresponding to IP66, with manual release
    • High degree of corrosion protection
    • Non-contact sensor for air gap monitoring
    • Reduction of the power consumption by up to 75% through control via bridge/half-wave rectifier
    • Can replace existing brake solutions

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