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Flexible Shaft Couplings

    Composite Disc Couplings
  • Composite Disc Couplings

    Composite disc couplings are available in single disc, double disc, floating shaft, and custom models

    • Zero backlash operation: required for reversing loads and precision applications
    • High torsional stiffness: excellent for precision applications
    • Maintenance free: no lubrication required
    • Compact design: does not require a large space between shaft ends
    • Longer life than metal discs: designed and rated for infinite fatigue life; no disc failures due to fretting
    • Broad operational temperature range: -70° to 250°F (-57° to 121°C)
    • Unitized disc pack: no loose bushings or discs for easy replacement
    • Laser cut discs: precision cutting process can be modified for specialized and custom designs that require higher torque, torsional stiffness, or misalignment capabilities
    • Disc material exhibits excellent chemical resistance and electrical insulating properties
    • Black oxide coatings on steel hubs and black anodizing on aluminum hubs inhibits corrosion in normal industrial atmospheres
    • Precision bore in disc bushings allows for a tight fit between shoulder bolt and bushings, keeping the assembly concentric and ensuring smooth high speed operation
    • Precision machined hubs provide further concentricity for quiet operation
    • RoHS compliant: manufactured from RoHS-compliant materials and contain no banned substances
  • Control-Flex® Shaft Couplings
  • Control-Flex® Shaft Couplings

    Ideal for encoders, Control-Flex® Couplings were developed to satisfy today’s higher performance requirements and can be used for parallel, angular and axial shaft misalignments, all while maintaining constant transmission of torque and angular velocity.

    To meet this goal, Zero-Max engineered a unique Control-Flex® Disc which is based on a parallel linkage system. Because of this unique design, the reaction forces due to transmission of torque and unavoidable shaft misalignments are considerably smaller when compared with common flexible shaft couplings. They are available with clamp-style hubs or in a bolted-style, drop-out design for easy flexible disc changeout.

    Clamp-style couplings provide a positive, secure shaft connection. They have two hubs (that attach to the shafts) and a center flex member that is affixed to the hubs through pins. Our clamp-style couplings are available with a single flex disc for standard torque capacity, or with two flex discs for increased torque capacity, torsional stiffness, and length.

    Bolted-style couplings also consist of two hubs (that attach to the shafts) and a center flex member affixed to the hubs through shoulder bolts for drop-out capability. Our bolted-style hubs incorporate a keyway and setscrew shaft attachment.


  • ServoClass Coupling
  • ServoClass Coupling

    Zero-Max ServoClass servo motor shaft couplings combine decades of industry leading experience in the manufacture of flexible shaft couplings with unparalleled expertise in motion control solutions. Zero-Max’s high performance servo motor couplings offer numerous features, including:

    • Available in 11 sizes in single and double disc models.
    • Double disc models provide highest misalignment capability.
    • Operating temperature range is -22° to +212°F (-30° to +100C)
    • Torque ratings range from 0.5 to 250Nm.
    • Hubs and center members manufactured of aluminum alloy for strength and durability. Both are treated to prevent oxidation and to preserve appearance.
    • Disc members are made of 304 stainless steel.
    • Couplings are precisely assembled using high strength, corrosion resistant fasteners.
    • Integral clamp style hubs provide fast, easy mounting.
    • RoHS compliant – manufactured of RoHS compliant materials and contain no banned substances.


  • Schmidt Offset Couplings
  • Schmidt Offset Couplings

    Zero-Max offers a variety of Schmidt coupling designs, including offset couplings, inline couplings, and 5-D couplings.

    Schmidt Offset Couplings

    These couplings provide the utmost precision for parallel offset shafts. They transmit constant angular velocity and torque in a wide range of parallel shaft misalignments. Schmidt offset couplings impose no radial loads on shafts or bearings, and eliminate radial shaft vibrations. No performance is lost by increasing offset.

    Schmidt Inline Couplings

    Schmidt Inline Couplings are designed with high torsional stiffness. These linkage couplings accommodate small parallel shaft misalignments at constant angular velocity. Designed as dropout couplings, they are easy to install and offer excellent drive performance for low to medium shaft speeds and in medium- to high-torque applications.

    Schmidt 5-D Couplings

    These couplings provide parallel shaft misalignment and a ± 5° angular misalignment with moderate axial shaft displacement capabilities. These couplings maintain constant angular velocity at all misalignment modes. Featuring easy to maintain spherical roller bearings, Schmidt 5-D couplings are recommended for high torque, low RPM applications.

Overhung Load Adaptors

    Non-SAE Mount
  • Non-SAE Mount


    4-bolt mounting (non-SAE) accommodates same loads as the Model 200 with ball bearings for motor and pump shafts up to 1 inch in diameter.

    • For applications with motor or pump shafts up to 1″ diameter
    • Features deep-grooved ball bearings
    • Accepts speeds up to 4400 RPM with proper lubrication
    • Model 400 SAE A Mount

    Non-SAE Mount Overhung Load Adaptors

  • SAE B Mount
  • SAE B Mount

    SAE “B” 2- or 4-bolt mount using tapered-roller bearings. Standard input bores include: 7/8″, 1″, or 1-1/4″ keyed; 13 tooth 16/32 spline, or 15 tooth 16/32 spline. Also available with 1″ keyed through-bore as a standard.

    • For SAE “B” mount motor or pump applications
    • Features heavy-duty tapered roller bearings
    • Accepts speeds up to 3300 RPM with proper lubrication

    SAE B Mount Overhung Load Adaptors

  • SAE C
  • SAE C

    SAE “C” 2- or 4-bolt mount using tapered-roller bearings. Standard input bores include: 7/8″,1″, or 1-1/4″ keyed; 14 tooth 12/24 spline. Also available with 1″ keyed through-bore as a standard.

    • Model 800 is for SAE “C” mount motor or pump applications
    • Model 900 is for SAE “C-C” mount motor or pump applications
    • Both models Feature heavy-duty tapered roller bearings
    • Model 800 accepts speeds up to 3300 RPM with proper lubrication
    • Model 900 accepts speeds up to 2700 RPM with proper lubrication
    • Model 800 & 900

    SAE B Mount Overhung Load Adaptors

  • SAE D
  • SAE D

    SAE “D” mount using large tapered-roller bearings for heavy-duty applications. Standard input bores include: 1-3/4″ keyed, or 13 tooth 8/16 spline.

    • For SAE “D” mount motor or pump applications
    • Features heavy-duty tapered roller bearings
    • Accepts speeds up to 3500 RPM with proper lubrication
    • Model 1100

    SAE D Mount Overhung Load Adaptors

  • SAE E & F
  • SAE E & F

    Both the SAE “E” and SAE “F” mounts have the same physical size; only the pilot diameter and bolt circle are different for motor or pump mounting. These models use large spherical-roller bearings for heavy-duty applications. Input bores are made to customer specifications up to a 2-1/2″ diameter.

    • Spline input bores available
    • Available in up to 3 1/2″ diameter output shaft. Special input and outputs available
    • Features heavy-duty, spherical roller bearings
    • Accepts speeds up to 2300 RPM with proper lubrication
    • Model 1250

    SAE E Mount Overhung Load Adaptors

Power Transmission Products

    Adjustable Speed Drives
  • Adjustable Speed Drives

    Adjustable Speed Drive Features

    • Compact and easy to handle.
    • Simple to install. No special wiring or training.
    • Easy to operate with lever or screw control. Repeatable
    • Use adjustable speed drives anywhere on machine. Accepts input to 2,000 RPM. Ideal secondary controller.
    • Delivers constant torque throughout the speed range.
    • 4:1 speed reduction. Drive is often usable without additional speed reduction.


    Adjustable Speed Drive Benefits

    • Permits slow or fast, small or large speed changes. Speed set-ups are made quickly and easily. Ideal for dancer applications / constant speed changes.
    • Leave drive at one setting. No daily speed cycling.
    • Accurate speed holding. No “wear-in” period / constant speed operation.
    • Zero-Max adjustable speed drives accepts any input. It’s the world’s most versatile, economical secondary drive.
    • Goes to zero output. Ideal for use as a clutch.
    • Simple maintenance. Factory lubricated.
    • Low cost and proven design. More than 1,000,000 sold. Ideal for users and original equipment manufacturers.
    • Sealed housing. Use in most atmospheres. Can be mounted in any position.
    • Versatile shaft / control / motor options.
    • Infinitely adjustable. 0-400 RPM speed range with 1800 RPM input.

  • Crown Gear Right Angle Gearbox
  • Crown Gear Right Angle Gearbox

    Crown Gear’s bevel gearboxes are designed for dependable, economical transfer of speed or power. These premium 90° gear reducers are compact and feature efficient, quiet operating spiral bevel gears. Crown Gear 90 degree speed reducers are available in 1:1 and 2:1 speed ratios with available two or three-way versions. A wide range of miter gearbox shaft styles are also available, as well as specially designed units to handle most applications.

    Right Angle Gearbox Selection Process

    There is a standard process that should be considered before selecting the bevel gearbox that is correct for your specific application. This process goes as follows:

    1. Determine your preferred input/output ratio – Standard ratios are 1:1 and 2:1. It is also possible to use a step-up ratio of 1:2 by using shaft #2 as the input shaft.
    2. Designate which shafts are to be the input and output shafts – This step is especially important in making sure that no shaft will turn faster than 2000 RPM. If shaft #2 in the 2:1 ratio models is selected as the input shaft, it can turn at a maximum of 1000 RPM. In the 1:1 ratio models it makes no difference. However, the choice in either case will affect your mounting.
    3. Designated output shaft – The designated output shaft must have a torque capacity greater than your application load.
    4. Choose drive type – Choose either a 2-way or 3-way configuration.
    5. Select the correct model number – Select the correct model number that corresponds with your chosen drive type.
    6. Modifications of shafts and housing – If modifications of the shafts and/or housings are required, then please send us a drawing and description of the application.

  • Keyless Shaft Bushings
  • Keyless Shaft Bushings

    Keyless shaft bushings provide solid connections between the shaft and hub, without stress or wear to mounted components. Using hydraulic pressure to maintain their position, they eliminate keyways, tapers, and tapped holes, which can cause component stress and wear due to fretting, corrosion, and backlash.

    A keyless shaft bushing does not rely on the key to transmit torque, but instead utilizes the entire circumference of the shaft for more efficient performance with little to no backlash. Hydraulic pressure is distributed evenly over the full length of the connection, reducing micro-movement which can cause fretting.

    Keyless bushings make mounting components an easier, faster, and more precise process. All you need to do is mount, set in position, and lock the bushing with a torque wrench. Unlike bushings with keyways, a keyless locking bushing is infinitely phase-adjustable, both radially and axially. This makes them more precise and easier to use. They can be tightened and repositioned with minimal downtime and without causing additional wear on the shaft or components.

    And, because they eliminate the need for milled keyways in shafts, smaller shafts can be used to transmit the same amount of torque, thereby saving space and material.

    Features & Benefits of ETP Keyless Bushings

    • Mount or dismount in 10 seconds or less for reduced assembly time
    • Shorten downtime for field service
    • Very few mounting screws, with low tightening torque
    • No special tools required
    • Fast changeovers
    • Zero backlash for improved performance: does not add component backlash to the system
    • Superior concentricity: requires little to no readjustment of mounted components after installation
    • Good corrosion resistance
    • Low profile dimensions: can be used on smaller diameter hubs
    • Can be mounted and dismounted over and over again, reducing the cost of replacement components
    • No keyway required: ETP keyless bushings can be mounted on a keyless shaft, thereby reducing machining costs
    • Select models are available with single-screw actuation systems to quickly and accurately mount components
    • Stainless steel models available for food/beverage, pharmaceutical, and frequent wash-down applications

  • Overload Safety Devices
  • Overload Safety Devices

    Zero-Max’s Torq-Tender overload safety devices incorporate torque limiters for dependable overload protection. When a jam-up or excessive loading occurs, the built-in torque limiter will reliably and quickly release to prevent system damage.

    The Torq-Tender torque limiter is tamper-proof. Once installed, the torque value cannot be changed. This feature ensures the integrity of the machined design, and renders costly and potentially risky calibration procedures unnecessary. Torque value is controlled by the part number that is ordered; that value determines what spring is used during assembly of the torque limiter.

    • Torque values can be changed in the field, however; the torque limiter must be disassembled and the springs replaced to achieve the new torque value.
    • Standard Torq-Tenders are bidirectional. Torque value remains the same regardless of rotation. If specified, the torque limiter can be configured at the factory to release at different torque ratings for different rotational directions.
    • When used as a coupling, the Torq-Tender fulfills two functions: 1) A flexible shaft coupling; 2) a mechanical torque limiter.
    • In the shaft-to-shaft configuration, the Torq-Tender can accommodate angular shaft misalignment up to 1.5° and parallel misalignments from 0.005” to 0.015”.
    • The enclosed design of the mechanical torque limiter enables it to operate in a wide variety of industrial environments. Special designs and materials can be used to withstand even the most adverse conditions.
    • Every Zero-Max torque limiter is made from durable heat treated steel for a long operational life.

  • Roh'Lix® Linear Actuators
  • Roh'Lix® Linear Actuators

    Zero-Max’s Roh’Lix® linear actuators are threadless, mechanical, screw-type devices designed to convert rotary motion into precise linear motion and thrust using rolling element ball bearings. These adjustable automatic overload protectors will slip when overloaded, providing linear clutching without any additional clutch mechanisms.

    The Roh’Lix® is intended for horizontal or vertical axial loading applications. Axial loading allows for even load distribution across all six of the device’s bearings. Sideloads and twisting loads should be avoided whenever possible, as they cause uneven bearing loading and can shorten lifetime. Whenever possible, the load weight on the Roh’Lix® linear actuator should be supported by a separate linear bearing assembly.

    The Roh’Lix® is available in five inch and five metric sizes, offering between 15 and 200 lbs. thrust capacity. It can be used in horizontal or vertical applications. All bearings are lubricated for life and require no additional lubrication. Hardened-and-ground shafting with a minimum hardness of 58 HRC is recommended; stainless steel shafting and hollow shafting can also be used for specific applications.

    Features & Benefits of Roh’Lix Actuators

    • For horizontal or vertical axial loading applications
    • Designed to slip when overloaded, providing intermittent overload protection
    • Easy to install
    • Working lifetime expectancy of 2 million to over 100 million inches of linear travel, depending on application variables
    • Easily adjustable thrust settings
    • Five inch sizes and five metric sizes available, providing up to 200 lbs. of thrust capacity
    • Two Roh’Lix® linear actuator units can be used in tandem to increase thrust rating
    • Special shaft diameters, leads, and block sizes available
    • Right-hand lead is standard; left-hand lead available upon request
    • Maintenance free—bearings are lubricated for life and require no additional lubrication

  • Phase Adjusting Hubs
  • Phase Adjusting Hubs

    Phas-Lok Adjusting Hubs provide easy and accurate phase adjustment. The Phas-Lok Adjusting Hub is an economical, yet precision device. It provides an easy way to change the phase relationship of a drive component and the shaft. It is ideal for fine tuning timing adjustments, adjusting for chain elongation, and sprocket tooth wear. The Zero-Max Phas-Lok provides an accurate, mechanical adjustment within a 24 degree range. (+/- 12 degrees)

    Phas-Lok for Browning Bushings



    Advanced and patented all-in-one technological solution for wind turbine drivetrains with capacities up to 5MW.

    • Suitable for Turbines both Onshore and Offshore
    • Robust Torque Capacity with current designs capable of handling up to 200,000Nm
    • Intelligent design to minimize reaction loads while providing the required torsional stiffness value to suite the drivetrain requirements
    • High misalignment capability
    • Extreme Fatigue endurance in a light weight package
    • Designed and Engineered to perform in new OEM turbines or existing drivetrain applications
    • Proven to perform with no maintenance for 20 plus years
    • Easy to install either on the production floor or in the cramped Up Tower environment
    • Electrical Isolation properties capable of nullifying current leak from the Generator into the Gearbox through the use of 2 Flexible Composite Discs
    • All components meet or exceed a C4 High Corrosion Resistance Standard



    Protects wind turbines against peak loads, reverse torques and grid shorts. Established designs for slip torque values ranging from 4,000 to 50,000Nm.

    • Designed to protect both the gearbox and generator from extreme torque and damage
    • Generator shaft mounted to avoid resonance concerns and installation difficulties
    • Proven and tested to 5,600 torque events of 30°
    • Operation of the device occurs internally and requires no readjusting or maintenance
    • Automatic re-engagement no manual intervention to reset after slip event
    • Bi-directional functionality – no limitations
    • Wide temperature range -40° to 80°C
    • Engineered to function in unison with the Zero-Max


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