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Southern Power employees are knowledgeable and diverse in many brands, and types of brakes, clutches, motors, ect. This is to enable us to fit almost any industrial application from the largest to the smallest, worldwide.

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    Mfg. Part # Desprition
    ABB ACS201-4P1-3-00-10 Drive
    ABB ACS501-002-4-00P2 drive
    ABB MK110015-S Electric motor
    Accucoder 715-2-100/1-1-N-0-HD3-6-S-T-N-SPEC119 Encoder
    Accucoder 716-0360/1-P-S-S-4-S-S-N Encoder
    Accucoder 755A-02-002-LD Encoder
    Accucoder 755A-03-0500-Q-PU Encoder
    Airflex 143117AA0312 8EB250
    Airflex 145405T Rotoseal
    Airflex 145866S 6CB Clutch
    Airflex 145987H 4CB clutch
    Allen Bradley 1490 3/4″ Conduit Hub
    Allen Bradley 1746-IA16 Input Module
    Allen Bradley 1746-IG16 Input Module
    Allen Bradley 1746-N2 Card Slot Filler
    Allen Bradley 1747-BA Battery Assembly
    Allen Bradley 1747-C10 Accesory
    Allen Bradley 1747-C11 Accesory SLC 500
    Allen Bradley 1747-M1 EEProms and UVProms
    Allen Bradley 1747-M11 Memory Module
    Allen Bradley 1771-CFM1A contigurable Flowmeter Module
    Allen Bradley 1771WHF Swing Arm Fused
    Allen Bradley 800T-N26R Pilot Light Red
    Allen Bradley 800T-XA2 Contact Block
    Allen Bradley 800T-XD1 Contact Block
    Allen Bradley 802T-W2B Roller Lever
    Aromat MP-PC-AC120V-US Control Pack
    Aromat MQ-W3A-DC12-24V Sensor
    Astrosystems 100-3698-1 Durapot
    Astrosystems HST-26AK Encoder Transducer
    Astrosystems LMT-1 Transducer
    Baldor BM3569 1/3 hp 1725 rpm
    Baldor KM3457 1/3hp, 3450rpm
    Baldor M3007 1/3hp, 1725rpm
    Baldor M3454 1/4 hp 1725rpm
    Baldor M3558 2 hp 1725rpm
    Baldor M3611T 3hp 1750 rpm
    Baldor M3704T 3hp, 213T
    Baldor VBM3154T 1 1/2 hp 1725 rpm
    Baldor VBM3554T 1/2 hp 1725 rpm
    Baldor VM3538 Electric motor 1/2hp 1725rpm
    Baldor VM3543 3/4hp, 1140rpm
    Baldor VM3556 1hp, 1140rpm
    Baldor VM3557 1 1/2 hp 1140 rpm
    Baldor VM3611 3 hp 1725 rpm
    Baldor VWMD3538 1/2 hp 1725 rpm
    Banner 26847 Cable
    Banner 29951 Cable
    Banner SM2A312DQD Mini Beam
    Beede 510952100 DC milliamper
    Bimba DWR-8312-4 Cylinder
    Bodine 6152 Gearmotor
    Bodine 49401015 Rectifier
    Bodine 34R4BFCI-5R Gearmotor 115VAC
    Bodine NSH-34RH Gearmotor
    Bourns H494-3 Turns-Counting Dial
    Brad Harrison 804001D1M040 Micro-Change
    Buchanan *0222 Channel Mount
    Bussman FRS-R-40 Fuses
    Carlo Gavazzi 1408VR2 Proximity Switch Capacitive
    Carlo Gavazzi ACF10PPO Proximity Switch Capacitive
    Carlo Gavazzi DJ10G Proximity Switch Inductive
    Carlo Gavazzi DJ2G Proximity Switch
    Carlo Gavazzi EC3015TBCP Proximity Switch Capacitive
    Carlo Gavazzi EI 3015NPOP Proximity Switch
    Carlo Gavazzi EI0802NPOS Proximty Switch Inductive
    Carlo Gavazzi EI1202NPOS Proximty Switch Inductive
    Carlo Gavazzi EI1202TBCS Proximty Switch Inductive
    Carlo Gavazzi EI1204PPOSS Proximity Switch Inductive
    Carlo Gavazzi EI1808TBOP Proximty Switch Inductive
    Carlo Gavazzi EI3015TBCP Proximity Switch
    Carlo Gavazzi ICCR101C Photo Electric Receiver
    Carlo Gavazzi MDR2.5 Photoelectric Receiver
    Carlo Gavazzi MI100 Current Metering Transformer
    Carlo Gavazzi MI20 Current Transformer
    Carlo Gavazzi MI-500 Accessories
    Carlo Gavazzi MKFR15 Photoelectric Receiver
    Carlo Gavazzi MKFT15 Photo Elec Transmit
    Carlo Gavazzi RA4825-d12 Solid State Relay
    Carlo Gavazzi RHS100 Heatsink Assembly
    Carlo Gavazzi S408 Socket
    Carlo Gavazzi S411 Socket
    Carlo Gavazzi UABC07 Supply 20-240V
    Clarostat 53C1-1K Potentrometer
    Clarostat 53C1-2K Potentrometer
    Clarostat RV4NAYSD103A Potentrometer
    Cleveland 15ABT Ration 48:1 1750 rpm input
    Contrex 3200-1680 Analog I/O Option Card
    Crompton ES5A AC Amp Range 0-100
    Cutler Hammer 10250T101 STD Button
    Cutler Hammer 10250T1443 Selector Switch 3 Post
    Cutler Hammer 10250T2 Contact Block
    Cutler Hammer 10250T3 Contact Block
    Cutler Hammer 10250TA7 Plug
    Cutler Hammer 10250TC21 Illuminated Push Button
    Cutler Hammer E50DS2 Limit Switch
    Cutler Hammer E50KL201 Limit Switch Component
    Cutler Hammer T1 Contact Block
    Cutler Hammer T2 Contact Block
    Dale RH-50 Resistor 50Watts
    Deltrol 165-27516-61 Relay
    DIN Conetor DN-F6 Terminal Block
    DIN Conetor DN-G10 Ground Terminal Block
    DIN Conetor DN-G4 Ground Terminal Block
    DIN Conetor DN-T10 Terminal Block
    DIN Conetor DN-T8 Terminal Block
    Divelbiss ICM-BB-03 ICM Programmable Controller
    Dodge 3030 Taper lock 1 15/16
    Dodge SL-17 Clutch 90VDC, 3/8 bore 024300
    Dynapar 14006070010 cable
    Dynapar 62510240241 Encoder
    Dynapar 320120000000_ Encoder
    Dynapar 320600000000_ Encoder
    Dynapar 62-AAEF-0500-A0 Encoder
    Dynapar FV20S converter
    Dynapar ML100S00 Meter (max length)
    Dynapar PATT-0-S-00 Controller
    Dynapar PM41S00 Power Supply
    Dynapar RDMC0500 Roll dia controller
    Dynapar SFC401S00 Flowrate
    Dynapar WV Wheel
    Dynopar PAK100 Keylock Panel Adapter
    Dynopar PAK200 Panel Adapter
    Eagle Signal 22Q3CA120-02 Relay
    Eaton 22AB Gearbox
    Electric Cylinder X3102B-8-MS1-MT1-SP Actuator
    Electroid C-1000-90V Control
    Electroid EC-22B-6-90V Brake
    Electroid SEC-56C-16-90V Brake
    Electromatic 72518 Accessories
    Electromatic FAD101120 1 Channel Monostable Receiver
    Electromatic FAD104-700 System 128 Supply 10-30vdc
    Electromatic FAD1313120 Dual Monostabe Receiver
    Electromatic FAD203120 2 Channel Dual Monostable Receiver
    Electromatic FAd404700 4 Channel Monostable Transmitter
    Electromatic FFD1440120 4 Channel Monostable Transmitter
    Electromatic FFd1533120 8 Channel Transmitter 0-10 vdc
    Electromatic Fgd120 1 Channel Bistable Transmitter
    Electromatic Fgd400 4 Channel Monostable Transmitter
    Electromatic Fgd500 8 Channel Monostable Transmitter
    Electromatic FPD1901120 Channel Generator
    Electronic S505-SJ425 Relay
    Electrostad 27F60-1196 DC motor 1hp 180v 56c
    Evrotherm 808/T1/T1/R1/NO/LAJLF116 Temperature Controller
    Fenner M-TRIM 3200-1603 Controller
    Fenner RC272 Module Frequency
    Furnas 52PA4G9 Oil tight/Pilot Light
    Furnas BJLD14 Oil tight/Pilot Light
    GE FANUC IC660TSA020A Terminal Assembly 4I/20
    GE FANUC YSA020A Analog dc OC4120
    Gemco 1025B2SPSX Pedal
    Gemco SD-2842-C Motor
    Gemco SDU167100 Accessory
    General Electric 50-152011P2PZ2 Range 0-150 VDC
    General Electric 50-162112NGNG6 DC Ampere
    General Electric 50-162121ECRX2 Range 0-300VDC
    General Electric 50-255321SJSJ1JAB Range 600 VDC
    General Electric 50-255330MTMT1JAC RPM Range 0-4000
    General Electric 5BCD56CD271 1/4 hp 900v 56c Electric Motor
    General Electric 5BPB56KAA20 1/3 HP 90V 56C
    General Electric 5K184AR201 5HP 230/460V 184T 1740RPM
    General Electric 5K42HN4034 Electric Motor
    General Electric 5K43MG2565 1HP 1725RPM 230/460VAC 56 FRAME
    General Electric 5K43MG5455 1HP 230/460V 1725 RPM 56FRAME
    General Electric 5K49TG8004 3HP 230/460V 3450RPM 145T
    General Electric IC609SJR110A I/O
    General Electric IC610PRG100B Programer
    General Electric LP4430 Breaker
    Go Switch 71-16521-DCA Proximity Limit Switch
    GRANT STF Size 175 ratio 10:1
    Grove Gear BAMCQ32-A Ration 12.5:1
    Grove Gear BM242-3 Gearbox Ratio 20:1
    Grove Gear FHMQ1325-2 Gearbox Ration 20:1
    Guardian 1240-2C-24A Relay
    Hallmark PT06E-10-6S-SR Connector
    Hoyt D-78951772 0-100% Range
    Hunegecell 972AA3XM-A3N-L Proximity Sensor
    Huneywell 61P54C6D Solenoid Valve
    IMEC Corp MC-500 105-050000-01
    Intoloc 600A Counter
    Introloc 600A Counter
    KHK 57891 2KVA
    Koyo LM11910 HI-CAP
    Koyo LM11949 Ball Roller Bearing
    Lenze EMF21021B-V001 Interface Mod
    Lenze MDSKSRS036-13 Servomotor
    Leviton L7506 Wire Mesh Safety Grips
    LIMA MPT Gearbox Ration 1:1
    Magpowr B5 Clutch 90VDC
    Marathon 56T17F5350 Electric Motor 3/4-1/2 hp
    Matsushita AZ47019 Limit Switch
    Maurey FC090 Coupling 7/8″
    Maxitorq MAB045T99900031 Brake
    MC Technologies A40-04060-01I00 Soft Start
    Measurement Specialties MSP-400-100-P-1-N Sensor
    Microcom QX4232 BIS Controller S/N B313133197
    Microgerm 0627/331 Controller
    Midon Precision CP-2UTX 0119 Contactless Nut Stake 1 1/8-18x.5
    Minarik C280U Transformer
    NAMCO EP110-12001 Photoelectric DPDT Relay
    Nexen 735 791-101-206
    Nexen 5226 Diaphragm
    Nexen 5259 Diaphragm
    Nexen 5542 Bracket
    Nexen 8472 Chamber Repair Kit
    Nexen 10761 Bracket
    Nexen 802810 Clutch
    Nexen 809100 Clutch
    Nexen 811000 Clutch
    Nexen 819100 Brake
    Nexen 827800 Brake
    Nexen 828900 LWCB Brake
    Nexen 835600 Facing Shoe
    Nexen 841600 Brake
    Nexen 843600 Brake Drum
    Nexen 845271 Brake Pads
    Nexen 846900 Repair Kit
    Nexen 847400 LWB Repair Kit
    Nexen 896971 Spring
    Nexen 910000 Brake
    Nexen 910300 Clutch
    Nexen 912606 Controller
    Nexen 919100 Repair Kit
    Nexen 933600 Caliper Brake
    Nexen 934000 BD brake Facing Kit
    Nexen 934001 BD brake Facing Kit
    Nexen 8020600 Brake
    Nexen 8020700 Brake
    Nexen 8020900 Bushing
    Nexen 8469-71 Friction Facing
    Nexen A-5024 Spring
    Nexen A7012 Pin Guide
    Nexen A7828 Spring Comp
    Nexen B5002 Hub
    Nexen BB10 Brake
    Nexen BSB5 Brake
    Nexen BSB5-4350 Brake
    Ogura MZ10D Clutch
    Ohmite 5105 Handwheel Knob
    Ohmite CRUX-200T Relay
    Ohmite DOX-130T Relay
    Ohmite RNS200 Rheostat
    Origa P120 S120 16468-84 Cylinder
    Pacific Scientific 5240 Drive
    Pacific Scientific 105-093001-01 Card OC930
    Pacific Scientific 105-09598-01 Card CA950-IO
    Pacific Scientific BA3614-4648-9-56BC Motor 12VDC 1/4 VDC
    Pacific Scientific CF-R0-003-750 Cable Assembly
    Pacific Scientific GW0000F Contactor
    Pacific Scientific MC500 I10 Emulation Board
    Pacific Scientific P21NRXC-LNN-NS-00 Stepper motor
    Pacific Scientific R32GENA-R2-NS-NV-00 Motor
    Pacific Scientific R32GENC-R2-NS-NV-00 Servomotor
    Pacific Scientific SC453-004-15 Drive
    Pacific Scientific SRF3736-4983-84-5-56BC-CU motor
    Penta KB Power KBSI-240D Signal Isolator
    Phonix Contact MCR-S10/V/I Art No: 2808776
    Phonix Contact PLC-BSC-120VC121 Contact
    PLC Direct D3-08B PLC
    PLC Direct D3-16ND2-1 PLC
    PLC Direct D3-16TD1-1 PLC
    PLC Direct D3-330 PLC
    PLC Direct D3-HP Haundheld Programmer
    Potter Brumfield 1059 Housing
    Potter Brumfield *27E007 Socket
    Potter Brumfield *27E166 Socket
    Potter Brumfield AP11A Relay
    Potter Brumfield JDT27DD1 Relay
    Potter Brumfield JRM10475 Relay
    Potter Brumfield KH4273-3 Relay
    Potter Brumfield KUP11A15-120V Relay
    Potter Brumfield PM17DY Contactor
    Potter Brumfield PR-3575 Relay
    Potter Brumfield R10-E1-X2-V185 Control Component
    Potter Brumfield T81H5D312-09 Relay
    Power Plus CM53300000 Drive 2HP 230VAC
    Power Plus CM53300000 Drive 2hp 230vac
    Red Lion 910875 Sensing Gear
    Red Lion 930875 Sensing Gear
    Red Lion 941125 Gear
    Red Lion 941625 Gear
    Red Lion 960875 Gear
    Red Lion 970375 Gear
    Red Lion 2101100 Connector 6 Pin
    Red Lion 2300200 Socket 2 Pin
    Red Lion 2500030 Connector 3 Pin
    Red Lion 4100600 Proximity Sensor
    Red Lion 4600060 Rotary Pulse Generator
    Red Lion 4610010 Rotary Pulse Generator
    Red Lion 5151301 Power Supply
    Red Lion 5165050 Draw Indicator
    Red Lion 12A361 connector
    Red Lion ARCJ1AZO C-flance Adapter Ring
    Red Lion BDMD2000 Bi-directional Motion Decoder
    Red Lion CUBVD002 Volt Meter
    Red Lion DLC00000 Dual Loop Controller
    Red Lion DT600000 Tachometer
    Red Lion IGS00000 C-flance Adapter Ring
    Red Lion LIBC10000 Counter
    Red Lion LIBT1000 Timer
    Red Lion MP37CA00 Magnetic Pick ups
    Red Lion SCD00400 Counter
    Red Lion VCMC0000 Module
    Red Lion VCMD0000 Converter Module
    Red Lion VFC10000 Frequency Module
    Red Lion WF10000K Wheel
    Red Lion WY04000F Wheel
    Regal Beloit T214 Spin Master input 208/240VAC 50-60 Hz output 208/230VAC 0-240Hz
    Reliance 0-58705 Printed Circuit
    Reliance 404844-AT Brush RE44AT
    Reliance 44844-AT Bruch
    Reliance P56X1536R Electric Motor
    Renold PB Size 2 Coupling
    Rittal AE1035 Cabinet
    Rodale RC-D06T12LWS DC Brushless Fan
    Rodale RTD12T24HWS DC Brushless Fan 24VDC
    Saftronics CIMR-5-5G2.E-10 Drive
    Saftronics DF8P15C DC Drive
    Saftronics DG2-10-1 Drive 1HP 120V
    Saftronics DG8-10-1 Drive 1 HP
    Sanyo Denki R506-012 Sevomotor
    Schraoer 3574-2000 Regulator
    Schraoer 3576-2000 Regulator
    Seco 90327212 Q7000
    Seco 7006-3/4HP Quadraline 7000
    Seco B-162 DC Drive 115/230VAC 1 Phase
    Seco CD10 Variable Frequency Inverter Max Mtr SZ 10 HP 380/480 VAC 16A
    Seco CDMC02 Drive
    Seco CDME05-12 Drive
    Seco Q7032 Quadraline 7000
    SEW-Eurodrive 87002065
    Shurite Model 850 Range 0-300V
    Siemans 6ES5306-7LA11 Interface Module
    Siemans 6ES5435-7LA11 Digital Input Module
    Siemans 6ES5-458-7LA11 Relay Output Module
    Siemans 6ES5470-7LB12 Analog Output Module
    Siemans 6ES5951-7LD12 Power Supply
    Siemans FHOFC060 Operating Cable
    Siemans LD63T600 I-T-E Circuit Breaker Trip Unit
    Siemans R1-106-150-501 Drive
    Siemans R1-106-150-501 Drive
    Siemans R1-116-101-801 Micro PCB
    Siemans TI335-37 Card
    Simpson Electric Co 3323 AAIXA Spec No NO5199
    Simpson Instrument Model 27 0-1000 vdc with ext Resistor
    Sprecher & Schun CT3-12 Relay Range 8.5-12.5 amp
    Sprecher & Schun CT3-12 Contact Range 6-9.5 amp
    SPS Controls MI-090605W Cabinet
    Square D SA016V02 AC Reversing Magnetic Starter
    Stearns 4256501 Coil 115V 60HZ
    Stearns 4-6-30000-11 Motor Brake
    Stearns 4-6-30000-13 EMB-M203 Motor Brake
    Stearns 4-6-30000-15 EMB-M205 Motor Brake
    STI 99121-0010 C and Din C controller
    STI ANT-2 1/2 wave 8″
    Struthers Dunn A283XBXC Relay
    STS Controls 22.104.34D-24 Coil 120V
    Sunx EX-13EAC0 Sensor
    Sunx EX-13EAF0 Sensor
    Sunx FT-3A
    Sunx MS-RF2 Bracket
    Sunx PM2-LF10 Micro-Phote Sensor
    Sunx PM2-LH10 Micro-Phote Sensor
    Sunx RF-220 Photo Reflect
    Sunx VF-M10(4K) Beam Sensor
    Sunx VF-M10P (8F) Beam Sensor
    Sunx VF-M10P (CL) Beam Sensor
    Sunx VF-M10P(AP) Beam Sensor
    TB Woods SH1RZ Bushing
    TB Woods SH5/8 Bushing
    TCI 3LR130B Rector Transformer
    Telemecanique GV1-A01 Contact
    Telemecanique GV2-AD10I0 Contact
    Triplet 911256-UB Electric Speed Indicator
    Triplet Type BR 0-10 VDC
    Turck BI5-G18-AZ3X 60MM Limit Switch
    Von Ruden 15030 Gearbox Ration 1:1
    Von Ruden 15030 Gearbox Ratio 1:1
    Von Ruden 18030 Gearbox Ration 1:1
    Von Ruden 4512E Gearbox Ration 1:1
    Warner 147-101-2-104 Card TB2
    Watlw 100A-1601-0000 Temperature Type J
    Westinghouse 1239U09 04D5194G10
    Wilkerson Instrument Co MM4010 Relay
    Winsmith 300WV Gearbox Ration 60:1
    Winsmith 3MSCT Gearbox
    Yaskacua QBLS0910 Magnetic Drum Brake 460 VAC
    Zeromax SD1010 Coupling
    Baldor M3558T 2 hp 1740 rpm
    Baldor M3607T 1 1/2 hp 1140 rpm

Stearns Brakes

Southern Power carries the complete line of Stearns spring-set brakes including:
• Manually Adjusted Disc Brakes
• Self-Adjusting Disc Brakes
• Hazardous Location Disc Brakes
We also carry parts in stock for many of the popular models.

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