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Stearns Friction Disc Special
5-66-8483-00 is going to be sold with special pricing of $75.00 each plus freight.
(Original cost $115.68) For the month of August 2018 ONLY 
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Kristina Watts
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  • Stearns Friction Discs

    Stearns Friction Discs

    Stearns friction discs come in several sizes and types. This disc you need depends on the brake series you have. Some brake series (56,000 and 87,000) can have a different style hole in the middle. Square and the new spline are the most common. However, in the 87,000 series there is also the old 24 tooth spline.

    We here at Southern Power have most of these friction discs in stock and ready for same day shipping to you.

    48,000 series


    56,000 series

    square 5-66-8452-00

    spine 5-66-8462-00

    81,000 series


    82,000 series


    87,000 series

    square 5-66-8472-00

    spline 5-66-8483-00

    24 tooth 5-66-8478-00