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    Optical Encoders
  • Optical Encoders

    The Optical Encoders from CONTREX come in an industry standard cube style package that make it easy for direct replacement of other brand encoders.  Available in 600 pulses-per-revolution (PPR) and 1200 PPR, these encoders provide a single pulse-train for sensing motor speed, or quadrature pulse-trains for sensing speed and direction.

  • Ring Kit Encoders
  • Ring Kit Encoders

    These Ring Kits are designed specifically to house CONTREX sensors for easy, drop-in installation. Each full kit includes flange ring, sensor, 60-tooth gear, junction box, wire nuts, and mounting bolts. Available with 2X Hall Effect, Quadrature, and Magnetic Pickup speed sensors.

  • Speed Sensors
  • Speed Sensors

    CONTREX speed sensors can be used to sense the speed or speed and direction of a rotating motor shaft for closed-loop motion control applications.  Sensors are available in several different models including 2X Hall Effect, Quadrature, and Magnetic Pickup.  Though capable of working in nearly any installation, our speed sensors are specifically designed for easy drop-in installation with CONTREX Ring Kits.

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